Every little step to save our planet is a big one!

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What we want to achieve…

current situation

Focusing on the small area around us, DAUIN, this area alone generates 7.000 kg of plastic trash a day (2,6 tonnes A YEAR!!!). The pictures below show how the population is disposing of their trash right now due to the lack of waste management.

In Dauin area, there is an important reef area with many marine life and coral species, all of them being affected everyday for this direct impact of trash.

Our goals

Mango Tree Ecohostel

improve Water quality and removal of marine debris

Plastics break up into smaller pieces of rubbish, leaching their toxic chemicals into the marine environment. We fight against it with prevention and ocean clean ups, so we can contribute to the overall improved health and resilience of ecosystems.

Protection of marine life

Removing marine debris from the ocean will directly assist in strengthening ecosystem resilience as debris is no longer in the marine environment to smother habitats and kill/injure marine life.

Adopting a dive site

We want to collect data to help inform necessary prevention measures and help to educate the community as to where individuals can reduce their waste footprint.

Sustainable tourism

We will offer responsible diving, educating on the importance of the conservation of marine life and going again such practices as feeding whale sharks and other species, respecting their migrations and therefore the ecosystems.

Training programs

We believe it is essencial for the locals to understand the value of their environment. Offering them the chance to learn how to dive, we will give them the chance to love marine life and start looking after it.

Refuse, reuse, recycle

We offer a solution in little scale to manage the rubbish collected, recycling and transforming it into ecobricks, as well as raising awareness about the importance of reducing plastic consumption.

Sustainable building

It is not only about ecobricks: using solar energy for electricity, constructed wetland as solution for the treatment of wastewater, our own garden, among other solutions, will make our construction completely sustainable.

Supporting the community

Giving the locals jobs and integrate them into the travellers community will not only benefit them economically, but also culturally as they get to learn about other cultures and broaden their horizons.

Here our goals to achieve in the next three years

goals Mango Tree Ecohostel

And all of this…only with our project!

If some other people decide to start managing the rubbish as we do, or suddenly there is a waste management in the zone, we could erradicate plastic into the ocean in this huge marine sanctuary.

Support our project,

save marine life,

help the community.

If you want to help us achieving our goals, come visit us in our hostel. If you can not come to the Philippines you can help us with buying one of our Mango Tree Ecohostel Shirts or one of our handmade products here.

Your Mango Tree Ecohostel Team.

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