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Who are we?

The team behind Mango Tree Ecohostel have names: Lhouwie, Toni, Pilar and Julia. We are four friends from all over the
world with a huge passion for the ocean and scuba diving as well as the Filipino way of life.

Travelling around Asia for more than a year we experienced the most important fact which makes a hostel special and
unique is the vibe and the purpose of the place. That ist why we came to the idea to build Mango Tree Ecohostel.

The name

Why Mango Tree Ecohostel? We have beautiful, huge  Mangotrees on the land where we are building the hostel. That means we will not only have a lot of delicious Mangos for us and our guests, we will also build tree houses in the Mango trees. Living on top of a Mango tree, next to the ocean. Sounds amazing, right? Of course we are not damaging the Mango trees as everything in our hostel will be ecological and evironmentally friendly.

Not just another hostel! What is special about our hostel?

100 % Sustainable and ecological building

Beach Clean up Mango Tree EcohostelWe are a team very committed to the environment. We are working hard to reduce plastic consumption by using only sustainable materials, recycling and living eco friendly. Our aim is to protect nature on land, under water, up in the hills, animals and support local population who is depending on these resources.

That’s why the hostel is built out of ecobricks, recycled materials and sustainable native sources such as bamboo. Pilar is an architect, so the hostel is the perfect project for her.

We also want to encourage Backpackers and locals to follow our example to reduce their environmental footprint. We are organizing beach clean ups and a lot of other activities to give back to the community and the nature.

Home for travellers and locals

Team Mango Tree EcohostelMango Tree Ecohostel is a place for backpackers and locals where both can benefit from a symbiotic relationship with each other and the environment. Cultural exchange is happening!

We want to show backpackers how beautiful the Philippine culture and nature is.  Filipino culture is about living in community, sharing, and team work. A simple life but happy.

Compare this with our western lives, where everything goes faster and it is much more individualistic, however it is  generally more aware and respectful with the environment.

With the help of everyone staying with us we are going to show different ways of waste disposal instead of throwing it into the ocean or burning it.

Learn how to Scuba dive

Our hostel will be surrounded by beautiful dive spots and we really want to make it possible for everyone to learn how to dive. We are offering diving courses for travellers as well as  locals to show them there is another world below the water and help them understand how important it is to protect and preserve this world.

People who are just beginning their diving journeys really begin to cherish the ocean and aquatic life and take action to protect it like picking up trash, watching educational documentaries and telling others about the problems they see. Once you see an amazing healthy underwater world, you fall in love and want to protect it!

school of fish Mango Tree Ecohostel Turtle Mango Tree Ecohostel

Where are we located? 

Waterfall Mango Tree EcohostelDauin is located in the South of Negros Island in Central Visayas. Negros is the fourth largest island in the Philippines.

Turtle Mango Tree EcohostelThe area of Dauin is famous for its wild nature including waterfalls, hot springs, lakes, mountains and most of all for its beautiful underwater world.

The coast of Dauin offers beautiful reefs and world class diving. Close by you can find Apo island which is known for its impressive coral reefs and turtles swimming around. It`s the perfect spot to explore a huge variety of marine life. The area has a lot to offer. Above the surface as well as underneath!

You can reach Dauin via the international airport in  Cebu City or Manila. From there you can take a domestic flight or a ferry to Dumaguete city. Dumaguete to Dauin is only a 30 minutes bus ride.

When are we going to be open?

The opening is set for  April 2020. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to be always updatet with the progress of the building. We are happy about everyone who is coming to visit us in Mango Tree Ecohostel.

Support us

If you like the idea of Mango Tree Ecohostel and want to support the building of the hostel you can support us with buying one of our Mango Tree Ecohostel Shirts or one of our handmade products here.

Hope to see you soon!

Your Mango Tree Ecohostel Team.

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